The 6-Day Warrior Sister Reset

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This 6-day reset is about connecting to your resilience and inner strength in a creative and playful way! It will take around 15 minutes a day and help you work through negative thought patterns through movement imagery, journaling and breath work.

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No one is turned away if they cannot pay for the 6-day Reset. If this isn’t affordable for you, or if you want to do the course with a group of women who are in difficult circumstances – we would love to help you so please… get in touch at

What will I need?

All you need to do the reset is a pen and a mat or blanket.

You will learn…

  • to breathe in a healthy way
  • to move to release tension and create space
  • how all your emotions can empower you
  • to release your emotions through writing
  • tools to manage stress and anxiety
  • to make a little time for yourself each day
  • to redirect negative beliefs into positive action
  • how to unlock your true radiance
Julie McGuire


  • Meet a new Warrior Sister and hear her story
  • Be inspired by beautiful artwork to transport you to new worlds
  • Learn a yoga posture accessible to all ages and abilities
  • Receive an interactive and beautiful journaling task


You will be introduced to 6 female archetypes: The Warrior Sisters who will encourage us to stop beating ourselves up, from making comparisons or striving for unreal perfection.

Each day a new Warrior Sister tells her story in both words and beautiful imagery. It’s through their strength and vulnerability that we find the medicine to awaken and inspire us.

Warrior sisters
The Sea Goddess


You will learn the following breath tools to create space in the mind and body:

  • Balancing Breath, to centre you
  • Sleepy Breath, to help you relax  deeply
  • Breath of fire, to energise you


A yoga posture for each day aligned with each Warrior Sister and the emotion she represents. Yoga allows powerful changes in your body that bring you to a more empowered and conscious state.

Through our teaching, we have seen first-hand how yoga and aerial dance have a knock-on effect, fostering growth and abundance in other areas of life for our students.

It is our belief that doing one posture for two minutes is more effective for the mind and body connection than racing quickly through lots of postures.

Yoga Posture from book - Camel pose


A journaling exercise each day to help you change negative belief patterns, learn how all your emotions can empower you and set goals to take positive action. Show up for yourself, steal the moment “in-between” to express yourself in these pages and connect with your own Warrior Sister. Shout out, be curious, notice and find your stillness.

This 6-day journey will help you connect with who you really are, immerse yourself in the artwork, take time out for the tasks and yoga, breathe, move and write…

Free Gift

As a free gift, when you sign up for this course, you will also receive a 15% discount code for the Inbetween Your Warrior Guide book.

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