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The Inbetween book – Your Warrior Guide, is your treasure chest of ideas, about connecting to your resilience and inner strength in a creative and playful way. The dark times we went through triggered us to channel our emotions into The Warrior Sisters’ stories. The “inbetween” was a transformational time for us to escape, to give something back to ourselves and to reset our lives. 

Like magpies, we gathered tips and tools which we used to inspire and strengthen us. We want to share what we’ve learned with other women so it can help them too. We hope this book will help you, and that in reading it, you’ll want to share it with other Warrior women you know. 

“Inbetween” is a special space where you can explore, connect to and appreciate yourself. Consider the book a best friend.

Julie & Kate
woman in body paint wearing a stag horn headdress
The Ice Queen peers through the ice - 'In-between Book' - Kate George + Julie Mcguire Edinburgh
young woman surrounded by the forest


In-between book-your-warrior-guide - Julie Mcguire sits in a yoga pose


Julie, “I’m a hair and make-up artist with a background in fashion. As a certified yoga teacher, what excites me is the way I see yoga transform women. Hair and make-up also change the way a woman feels about herself. You’ll see me in the yoga poses throughout the book.”

In-between book-your-warrior-guide -Kate George hangs from a trapeze hoop in a forest


“I’m a graphic designer, illustrator and aerial dance teacher. I love creating inspiring artwork that takes the audience to beautiful new worlds. In this book, you’ll see me on my aerial hoop in the trees of Rosslyn Glen, Edinburgh.”