Your Warrior Guide

The Inbetween Book is a treasure chest of ideas developed to help us to explore emotions and experiences, build resilience and find a way back to ourselves.

In-between book-your-warrior-guide -warrior sister in an abandoned building wearing a mini kilt, rope binding and stag antlers on her head
Cover illustration of inbetween book. Adorned with animals, insects and objects such as; a stag, bees, a hare, fox, shell, heron and a rose. In the centre of the image is a figure seated in a yoga pose

InBEtween Book ~
Your Warrior Guide

You will be guided by our warrior sisters’ who will empower and inspire you, through their stories, magical artwork and poetry, transporting you to their warrior worlds.

The “in-between” was a transformational time for us to escape, give something back to ourselves and reset our lives. The dark times we experienced, inspired us to channel our emotions into ‘The Warrior Sisters’ stories. Like magpies, we gathered tools to help inspire and strengthen us.

We want to share what we’ve learned with other women so it can help them too. We hope this book will help you, and that in reading it, you’ll want to share it with other warrior women you know.  

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The “Inbetween” is a special space where you can explore, connect to and appreciate yourself. Consider the book a best friend

Julie & Kate

This is a really powerful and beautifully presented book for any woman who has been, or is going tough times

Nicola Sturgeon

moving animation showing glimpses from the 6 Day Reset such as yoga poses and some of the warrior sisters appearing.

6-Day Warrior Sister Reset


This 6-day reset is about connecting to your resilience and inner strength in a creative and playful way! It will take around 15 minutes a day and help you work through negative thought patterns through movement imagery, journaling and breath work.

You will learn…

  • to breathe in a healthy way
  • to move to release tension and create space
  • how all your emotions can empower you
  • to harness your emotions through writing
  • the tools to manage stress and anxiety
  • to make a little time for yourself each day
  • to redirect negative thoughts into positive action
  • to unlock your true radiance

Warrior sister the dreamer surrounded by the forest
In-between book-your-warrior-guide Warrior sister - The Stag Queen - Painted model with stag horned headdress
Warrior sisterThe Ice Queen peers through the ice -
Warrior sister sits on chair which has a shell superimposed on it

About us

Kate George hanging from a trapeze in the forest

Kate George

I’m a graphic designer, illustrator and aerial dance teacher. I love creating inspiring artwork that takes the audience to beautiful new worlds. In this book, you’ll see me on my aerial hoop in the trees of Rosslyn Glen, Edinburgh.

Julie McGuire sitting crossed legged in the lotus yoga pose

Julie McGuire

I’m a hair and make-up artist with a background in fashion. As a certified yoga teacher, what excites me is the way I see yoga transform women. Hair and make-up change the way women feel about themselves. You’ll see me appear in various yoga poses throughout the book.

Inbetween Book - Amrita Magazine Cover

Recommended by Amrita Magazine

The stunning artwork lends this gem to sit beautifully as a coffee table book, but delve deeper and you’ll lose yourself for days. Here, we are invited to open our minds to our own potential and to release ourselves from the shackles we created, through guidance from heartfelt stories and inspiring quotes

A beautiful, visual, interactive book on finding your inner strength, and an especially valuable tool for managing our well-being right now, in that ‘in-between’ time when our forced self-isolation also offers up opportunities for contemplation. I’d love for every woman on the planet to have a copy of this book

Jenny Roe, DeShong ~ Professor in Design & Health, University of Virginia

Permanent residence on my bedside table! 

This charming book is such a visual treat from beginning to end. Full of lovely illustrations and images, as well as beautifully written tips on mindfulness and yoga. It is a joyous celebration of female strength and resilience. I love the thick paper stock and gloriously coloured pages, along with areas to add notes and make the book your own. It has taken up permanent residence on my bedside table! 

Jacqui George

A great tool kit for self-awareness and affirmation

Empowering and Healing for anyone going through a hard time This resource is a masterpiece of design as well as a great tool kit for self-awareness and affirmation. I just keep it on my table turning over a page every day or so to enjoy the images 

Ema Emily

Created from the heart

Incredibly powerful book and a complete labour of love by two brilliant artists. Beautiful imagery created from the heart. Buy one for the amazing woman in your life. 

Jacqui George

Uplifting companion

An easy and uplifting companion to anyone who has ever had their confidence undermined. A treasure chest of ideas to build your sense of worth and optimism for our beautiful world.

Rachel Barr

Strength and vulnerability at the same time

A beautiful powerful book that my daughter brought me for Christmas and I brought for my sister. It portrays strength and vulnerability at the same time and allows us to be human whilst giving some guidance to help with the challenges of this. The designs and illustrations are stunning. A great present.