The Warrior Sisters 6-Day Reset


We’ve developed the Warrior Sister 6-Day Reset, a downloadable PDF that serves as a guide to help you tap into your resilience and inner strength in a creative, playful manner. It only requires about 15 minutes per day and will assist you in addressing negative thought patterns through movement, imagery, journaling, and breathwork.



In the Warrior Sisters 6-day Reset, you will connect with your true self, immerse yourself in artwork, engage in yoga and tasks, and prioritize breathing, movement, and writing.

Each Warrior Sister is assigned a yoga posture that aligns with the emotion she represents. Yoga brings about powerful changes in the body, leading to a more empowered and conscious state. Through our teaching, we have witnessed how yoga and aerial dance cultivate growth and abundance in our students’ lives. We firmly believe practising a single posture for two minutes is far more effective for the mind-body connection than rushing through multiple postures.

The 6-Day Reset is your preview into the world of The Warrior Sisters Guide – The Inbetween Book 

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