Permanent residence on my bedside table! 

This charming book is such a visual treat from beginning to end. Full of lovely illustrations and images, as well as beautifully written tips on mindfulness and yoga. It is a joyous celebration of female strength and resilience. I love the thick paper stock and gloriously coloured pages, along with areas to add notes and … Read more

A great tool kit for self-awareness and affirmation

Empowering and Healing for anyone going through a hard time This resource is a masterpiece of design as well as a great tool kit for self-awareness and affirmation. I just keep it on my table turning over a page every day or so to enjoy the images 

Created from the heart

Incredibly powerful book and a complete labour of love by two brilliant artists. Beautiful imagery created from the heart. Buy one for the amazing woman in your life. 

Uplifting companion

An easy and uplifting companion to anyone who has ever had their confidence undermined. A treasure chest of ideas to build your sense of worth and optimism for our beautiful world.

Strength and vulnerability at the same time

A beautiful powerful book that my daughter brought me for Christmas and I brought for my sister. It portrays strength and vulnerability at the same time and allows us to be human whilst giving some guidance to help with the challenges of this. The designs and illustrations are stunning. A great present.